Rack provides a minimal interface between webservers supporting Ruby and Ruby frameworks.

Articles on Rack

Syntax Highlighting on Nesta

I recently went through setting up syntax highlighting on Nesta for this site. I started with "Setting up rack-codehighlighter" from the Nesta site, but wasn't loving what Coderay had to offer. Looking at 'rack-codehighlighter' and it's other formatter options and decided to use Ultraviolet.

While this is geared towards Nesta, this will also work for all Rack applications, especially those built on Sinatra.

Setting up NewRelic on Sinatra

This week I spent some time setting a NewRelic application on a Sinatra app. It actually turned out to be so simple that I almost hesitate to do a post on it, but hey, here it is any way.

Caching external HTTP requests with VCR in Rack

I was recently working on a project to build continuous integration performance tests on an application which makes extensive HTTP based calls to a middleware application. I was running in to issues where the middleware calls were unstable in the test, stage and load test environments. For the purpose of these tests, I was only interested in the render times of the Rails calls. The obvious choice seemed to cache the external HTTP requests.

Sinatra Mobile Dection - rack-mobile-detect

I was looking for a simple way to detect mobile devices for this blog, a Sinatra application, and found rack-mobile-detect.