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Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

My Gems

GEMs, or RubyGems, are the standard packaging method for Ruby modules.

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Short for "Node Packaged Modules", NPMs are the standard packaging method for Node.js modules.

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My Other Projects

These are my featured projects, which either doesn't fit in another category — GEMs, NPMs or PyPIs. — or isn't owned directly by me, but I created or heavily contribute to.

My PyIPs

PyIP (or pip), "Python Package Index", is a site and tool for installing and managing Python packages.

Articles on My Projects

HTTPerf.js: Release 0.1.0

Removing runSync. Refactoring run to support sending spawned process SIGINT to capture current report from httperf and exit.

Benchmarking with YSlow.js on Node.js

In my last post on this topic (Benchmarking with HTTPerf.js and NodeUnit) I covered benchmarking application render times from the server to first byte. In this post, I'm going cover basic client benchmarking using YSlow and PhantomJS via YSlow.js on Node.js.

Benchmarking with HTTPerf.js and NodeUnit

I covered this in the HTTPerf.js README a bit, but wanted to take a deer look at how I'm using HTTPerf.js to benchmark web applications.

Simple Rules for Stable, Performant and Maintainable Apps

Here are some simple and basic rules I've found for building applications that are maintainable and perform well, both in speed and stability. These rules, at one level or another, can apply to smaller modules and libraries, scripts, as well as fully featured large scale applications (both web and otherwise). In this post I will focus more on web applications, since that's where I've spent most of my time. At a higher level, they should apply to almost all areas of software development.

Autobench Release - 0.0.1alpha7

Commit Logs for Autobench Release's